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This main page will provide links to the individual pages that people may need to access regularly. These do not yet exist, but I am creating them quickly. I am leading with the Character Creation stuff for now, but later on that may drop to the bottom and some primer/play guide stuff may move to the top.

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A brief history in broad strokes…

Twelve hundred years ago, humankind fled across the seas to a land where elves and dwarves already dwelled. The god Wyrm, who had guided humankind across the seas, divided the land with a mountain range to avoid the looming war between the kin. Elves and dwarves were given Ravenland to the north while humankind settled in Alderland, south of The Divide. This separation is called The Shift and is the point in time the humans use as year zero in their chronology. As compensation for this division of land, the elves and the dwarves were given the orcs to serve them. To maintain peace between the kin, hostages were given to each kin, and the mixed breeds descend from them.

After five hundred good years, harsh times struck Alderland and a religious war erupted. A group of humans fled north over The Divide to Ravenland, and elves and dwarves grudgingly allowed them to stay, provided they submitted to the Law of the Land, that stated how their human guests should behave. Soon more humans arrived, among them the Riders from Aslene in the west. After another three centuries, Alderland felt crowded to the humans, as they had continued to multiply. They tried to conquer Ravenland under religious pretenses. The consensus was that they had been denied their right to the land during The Shift. Since the elves and dwarves were few in number, they chose to arm the orcs and send them into battle. When the war did not go their way, the orcs were abandoned by their masters.

The sorcerer Zygofer was placed in power as governor in Ravenland while the king of Alderland was occupied with the war against Aslene. The sorcerer discovered a demon gate in a mountain pass and experimented with awakening the dead to aid him, since the king could not spare enough troops to support the sorcerer’s ambitions. Once the wars were over, the king was appalled at Zygofer’s heretical rule and sent an army across the mountains to depose him. Zygofer opened the demon gate wide so horrible creatures poured through and destroyed the king’s army. To distract the demons while the gate was closed again, they were sent to ravage the neighboring country of Aslene. The inhabitants of Alderland built The Iron Lock, a wall without gates to Ravenland, and forbade any further contact with that cursed country – from that day on known as the Forbidden Lands.

Zygofer was old and decrepit by this time, and so melded with his sorcerous daughter Therania to gain enough power to live on. This odd spider-legged creature was called Zytera, and has continued Zygofer’s demonological and necromantic studies. Its ultimate goal is to drive away the dwarves and elves from the Forbidden Lands and then conquer Alderland. Zytera is supported by half-demons and the fanatical cult of the Rust Brothers. Perhaps war would have erupted earlier if the Blood Mist had not enshrouded the Forbidden Lands, a ravenous haze that made travel impossible for three centuries before it disappeared inexplicably two years ago.

Today, only fragments of human civilization remain in the Forbidden Lands, attempting to survive in the fortified villages in the wild. Elves and dwarves have withdrawn to their core homelands. Orcs also remain, full of hate towards humankind and scorn for their former masters. The Forbidden Lands are once again open for exploration and conquest.

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